Monday, February 21, 2011

Wash Indy / R.I.P. Darling

Allow me to introduce this little darling: Indy - his checkered face arrived to our home as a kitten many years ago. He comes from a fairly insalubrious background; all of his siblings died of illness or accident within short years of life. Despite this jinx, Indy lived to be over ten years old and seemed very well for almost all of it. When I used to go to school, he would wait at a mailbox to greet me when I got home and would respond with a cheerful "Mreow!" when I said "Hii Indy!"

He was known as a peace maker among cats, always trying to be friends with everyone (our other two cats loathe each other). His full and formal name is: India-Ra-Pisspot-in-the-Toaster because of his fetish for pissing on electronic appliances.

If it isn't already clear, we love him and didn't wash him as some kind of lame entertainment, but because he was sick and really needed it. We tried to do this as lovingly as possible.

Not impressed!

Some delicious liver as a treat for being so trusting and sweet with us.

Snuggles by the heater. *heart* Indy, you are sincerely missed, especially by our other two maniacs who are now both left friendless as they refuse to purr with each other.

NB: Cats never purr alone, only when with appreciated company (either human, cat or presumably other loved animal?)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunday afternoon at the Movies

Today, Mom (in the pink), Lukas and I went to see the new documentary 'Oceans', at the gorgeous Regent theatre.

Mom is quite silly.

The Regent on just another sparkling Dunedin day. The Council threatened to demolish the Regent, because they are insane philistines, but touch wood it seems like the people are saving it.

Family picture, gotta find 'em all.

Review of 'Oceans': we agreed the cinematography was gorgeous and the soundtrack was mostly great. However, the narration, writing and editing were all sub-par. Definitely no Attenborough. Seriously, where are we all going to be when he dies? As he must, being - contrary to appearances - a mere mortal. I try not to think about it.

We rounded up the afternoon with mulled wine and tapas at Al Bar, and made offensive chitchat.

Below: further evidence of my Mother's silliness.

The List: Readable Version

Pierre and the amazing Bull that Nick won from one of those 'skill' hand-grabby games that no one ever wins present: the list in larger form. If you click on it, you should be able to read what Lukas and I's goals are. Remember: ten years.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Time Lukas and Lila climbed a Big Hill

The list is difficult to read, but one of the tasks was to climb a large or big hill. HERE WE ARE! Completing tasks, like normal people. I am behind the camera, but believe me, I was there. Lovely Ellie Ainge-Roy invited us to stay with her fantastic family in Wanaka for a little holiday and one day dragged our unfit asses up this here hill.

Pictured: Lukas pukus, Smelly Ellie (+ her Fawther) and Bogan Logan. <3

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The List to End All Lists

Above you see Lukas and I on the roof of my stately home with the list of things we must achieve if we want to achieve total self-esteem (also known as: Nirvana). We are smiling, excited and optimistic. And then we realised the sheer will-power, sticking force and determination it is going to take to complete the tasks on this list, and grew somewhat more pensive:

This is because we are both Kiwi Quingers, not known for their ability to stick to anything, or carry through tasks they begin. However, with this list, and with the strength of a sibling bond, we intend to overcome this handicap and, for the first time in Quinger history, tick off every item on the list of things to do.

Time Limit: 10 years.